I'm Spartacus!

   You can get your copy of I'm Spartacus! here. 

  If you want to try I'm Spartacus! we recomend the "Print and Play" free Black and Whte version. You print these out yourself on your own printer You can paste these over an old set of standard cheap poker playing cards or sleve them in 2.5"x3.5" plastic cards sleeves or both to give you a FREE try of the game with your friends.


  If you like I'm Spartacus! as much as we do, you can puchase the full colour "Print and Play" version but you need a colour printer or you can take it to your local Print shop, Office works or Copy shop who will print these out in colour for you at very resonable rates and you can even get them to print on thin card like real cards or on high gloss paper and sleve them in 2.5"x3.5" card seleves. We do all our prototypes like this.

  If you have an old empty VHS video case laying around, it can make an excelent box to keep your
KickAss Games - "Print and Play" games in. So we aslo include a VHS slick video cover to insert into your empty VHS video case to keep your KickAss Games card game handy and safe.   

IS! Full Black and White version of the Game........... FREE!

FREE - B&W Download

Try Before you buy.


IS! Download Print and Play FREE
Full Black and White version.  PDF

Download the game as a Zip file and use the password to Unzip your Free Black and White game Easy Print - Full version o fthe Game to try.

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