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 I'm Spartacus! 

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  The year is zooming along & we are working on many new Games.

More KickAss Games are being designed and more will be released soon. So get yours now! We are trying to invent lots of new ways to buy them from, (PDF - Print & Play downloads where you download and then Print and cut it out it yourself to create your own game), to our new (Flat pack games where we post you a full colour printed edition that you will still have to cut out and construct yourself but is cheap for us to make and post). Plus there is still the (Deluxe version with all the bells and whistles and extras and individually signed by the designer. Also we are working on a FREE Black & White, easy PDF downloadable version that will be available, so you can easily download any game and Print it easily on your Laser or Jet Printer so you can make a disposable version, try it out for yourself before you buy and if you like it you can purchase one of the Full Colour versions in any format you would like.  We are working on lots of new ideas so let us know what you think about our Games and any new ways we can get them to you!


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​ Is an Indi- Games company created to help independent game designers to get their great games to market. There are a lot of amazing games out there and KickAss Games is going to bring them to you. Come back often to see the new games we have coming and for some great FREE giveaways and other exciting events and information. Come back soon.


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Coming Soon

1.  I'm Spartacus!

2.  Ninja Stars!


3Senators of Rome!


4.  Ka-Boom!


5.  Murder Mansion!

6. Big Bang Battle!


7.  Cold War!

8.  Ultimate Driver 300!



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   - " SENATORS of ROME! " -  

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