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Mobile Rules 1

 Turn Sequence 

 1. Pity Brain-  Player with the lowest score receives one free pity Brain point/counter. If there is a tie for lowest then all lowest receive a free pity Brain point. (Except the very first and the last final rounds played)


 2. Dealer-  the next dealer picks up and shuffles the deck and lets the next Player clockwise cut the deck.

 3. Play-  the dealer deals the top card face-up into the Zombies! Fate area for the Player who cut. If not then incapacitated, they must choose, “Need more Brains!” and continue and be dealt another card, or to stop, “Enough Brains” and collect their points/counters.


 4. Effects-  you may keep taking as many cards as you like as long as you don’t get incapacitated. You must immediately resolve any “Effects” on any cards dealt.


 5. Incapacitated-  if you have flipped two “Gunfire” cards or the “Head Shot” card, your Zombie has been incapacitated and gets NO extra points for this round.


 6. End-  if you have been incapacitated or you have stopped and collected all your Brains/points, you now become the dealer for the next Player clockwise.

 Cards Explained 


 “Brains” – 
These are your point cards. There are single Brains cards worth one Point each, Double Brains cards worth two points each and a three Brains card worth three points. Giving a very improbable score of 17 / 20 points available to score in one round. Your goal is to gain as many points in a round without your Zombie being incapacitated.


 “Gunfire” – 

  This card means you have been shot and wounded once. You can choose to continue, “Need more Brains!” or stop, “Enough Brains”, but if you do continue and are dealt a second Gunfire card you have been incapacitated an your round is over and you forfeit any Brain points you have accumulated so far this round. This does not affect any Brains points collected from any earlier rounds. You have to guess when to stop and when to press your luck to try to get the maximum points before your Zombie is incapacitated.


 “Headshot” – 

  This card means you are instantly incapacitated and your turn is immediately over and you forfeit any Brain points you may have accumulated so far this round. This does not affect any points you have scored from any earlier rounds. This is a one-hit card and instantly ends your round.


 “Chase Humans” – 

  This card represents a chase in search of Human brains at twice normal Zombie speed, so twice the danger. You have the opportunity to stop and not continue, “Enough Brains”, and cash in your score but if you choose to continue, “Need more Brains!” you must take the next two cards flipped over. You’re affected by both these cards in order before you can again choose to continue or stop.


 “Double Rage” – 

  This is a berserk burst of Zombie rampage energy in your search for more Brains, so it has twice the effect. You still have the opportunity to Stop, “Enough Brains”, and cash in your score or to choose to continue, “Need more Brains!” but if you chose to continue the next card flipped Face-up has its effect doubled. e.g. 2x Brains becomes 4, 1x Gunfire becomes 2, Chase Humans flip x2 means you now have to flip 4x Cards.


 To be the first Zombie Player to gain 20 or more Brains/points to win the game, then the other Players have one last chance, (round), to steal your win and become the head “Zombie!”


 Diagram No.1 

 Diagram No.1 – Shuffle thoroughly then let the next player clockwise cut the cards. Place these in the Zombies! Deck area face-down on the table, then deal one card into the Zombies! Fate area face-up, on the table. This will be the first card of the player who cut the cards round. They can then select to stop and say “No more Brains!” and collect their total Brains / points and put them in front of them, which ends their round or they can press on and say, “More Brains!” The dealer must flip over the next card and they then choose again to stop or go on.


 In some Editions you may need to make the Cards or counters. Cut these out on the face side, trim the corners and then sleeve the cards in standard clear plastic card sleeves to protect them. You can keep score on a pad or use the Brain and Heart counters. Brains are equal to one point and the Hearts are equal to five points. If a Player has one Heart and one Brain he has 6 points. 2 Hearts and 3 Brains =13 .

 Enough counters are supplied for 4 Players. If you want to play with more Players, someone needs to keep score on a piece of paper or pad or App. 4x Players is the best play.

 If you are using counters place them into the Brain Bank area until they are won by a player. See Diagram No.1

 The owner of the game, or the first person who wanted to play this KickAss game, is the first dealer, who then deals to the next Player clockwise, who has the first options to try to win Brain points. Then that Player becomes the dealer for the next Player clockwise etc. See Diag. No.1 for initial setup.

 Winning and Losing 

 “Zombies! Need more Brains” is a “Push your Luck”, “Zombie Black Jack”, type game with a rotating dealer. You are dealt a card and if that card has any pink Brains symbols on it, (1 to 3), you have two choices, you can either stop now and say, “Enough Brains”, and then receive the Points for as many Brains symbols that are on all the cards that have been dealt to you so far. Points can be written down and totaled or if you use counters, added to the counters that you place in clear view of all Players in front of you. Play moves on and you become the dealer for the next clockwise player, or you have the option to say “Need more Brains!” and be dealt another card, face-up, into the Zombies! Fate area on your table. If this is another “Brains” card you have the option to either stop, and score the total of the Brains/points on the cards dealt to you which ends your round or to continue and press-on and be dealt another card. You can press-on for as many extra cards as you want to take as long as you are not incapacitated by firearms which ends your round. You don’t receive any points or counters until you have said, “Enough Brains”, and successfully stopped and collected the total of all your points from all the “Brains” cards that you have been dealt to you but beware if you draw a “Gunfire” card you have been shot. If you have been shot by a single “Gunfire” card you can choose to stop and collect your points or to press your luck and continue by saying, “Need more Brains!”, but if you are dealt a second, “Gunfire” card, you  are temporally incapacitated and your turn is immediately over, (as you regenerate). If you are dealt a single “Head Shot” card, you are instantly incapacitated, your round is immediately over.  

 If incapacitated you lose any “Brains” cards that you may have been dealt this round and receive NO points this round and play moves on to the next Player clockwise. This does not affect any points/counters that you have already won in previous rounds.

 The “Chase Humans” card, you have the options to either stop, “Enough Brains” or continue, “Need more Brains!”, but if you continue you must take the next Two cards dealt face-up to you instead of just one card and both these cards effect you in the order they are dealt before you can choose to stop or continue.
 The game ends when one player has collected 20, (or over 20), Brains/points at the end their round. All other Players then have one final turn each to see if they can get “More Brains” and steal the win, they must beat the winners score not just equal it.


 Diagram No.1 

  Plays the same as the main game but solo. You shuffle the deck, cut the cards and then play three rounds with-out shuffling after each round. If incapacitated, that ends a round. Then shuffle and play another three rounds to see how many maximum Brain points you can score in just six rounds. If you can score over 20 you win, if you score over 25 you are the Head Zombie, if you score over 30 you’re a Super Zombie! God.

 Zombie Horde! Rules 

 Zombie Horde! – (Alternative Rules) - All card effects and rules stay the same as the base game except Zombies play as a Horde. The start player shuffles and the cuts the cards and deals the first Zombies! Card face-up into the Zombies! Fate area. Now all players, starting with the dealer declares if they are, “Enough Brains”, taking their score/points and ending their round or “Need more Brains”, pressing their luck and continuing on. For those that choose to continue, the same dealer without shuffling the cards deals the next card face-up and this effects “all” Players that have not ended their round that are still in play. The dealer, if still in play, chooses first, if he has ended his round the next Player still in play clock-wise picks first. Either “Enough Brains”, taking their score and ending their round or “Need more Brains”, continuing on. All Players still in play choose to leave or press their luck and continue until all players have either been incapacitated or have left the round and collected their Brains/points score. Any cards that have been played face-up that round are now placed face-up onto the bottom of the main face-down deck and the same dealer continues to deal but the next Player clockwise declares first if they are, “Enough Brains”, taking their score and ending their round or “Need more Brains” continuing on. If you run out of the face-down Zombie! cards in the deck and a face-up discards card is now showing on top of the deck, the cards are passed to the next player clock-wise who shuffles the cards and is the new dealer and play continues as before but the new dealer, if still in play, chooses first to leave or stay until time for the next dealer. The win conditions are the same, the first to 20, (or over 20), points ends the game, everyone else can play in one more round to see if they can stay in the longest to get the most points and steal the win from the Player who ended the game.


  - Dedicated to my wife, Kaye & kids Mickey and Michelle.-
Game Design & Artwork:  Michael J. Richardson.

Play Testers: the Guys from the Australian Gamers Guild and Hills Games Club, Peter, Jeff, Jason, Jerome, Belinda, Keith, Steve, Chaz, Cathy, James, Alex, Mikey, Jez, Waz, Alison, Ben, Ron, Shannon, John, Kin, Fred, David, Karen, Daniel, Jacob, Geoff, Sarah, Chris, Tracey, Anthony, Evan, and all the others, thanks.

  Thank you for playing - Michael J. Richardson‘s
“Zombies!” Need more Brains”, © Copyright 2019 KickAss Games. All rights in all media strictly reserved and Copyright.

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No. 001 KickAss Games

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