Zombies Need more Brains!

 You are an infected, aimless Zombie and with your fellow rotting mutants, you roam the apocalyptic future in search of beautiful pink Human Brains. Brains and more Brains is all that energises you and the Zombie hordes very existence but as you search the devastated and infected towns beware the few resilient humans that are still left unaffected as they are tough, heavily armed, and like nothing more than to shoot you and your slow wandering Zombie brothers and try to stop your relentless quest and monotonous chant, “Need more Brains!”.

No. 001 in the KickAss Games Mini Gamers Collection.

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WOW! Who said That!

 Players take turns in reading out random scenarios while the other Players anonymously write amusing and sometimes raunchy but always hilarious answers. These are collected and judged, the Judge reads each out loud, to everyone, and then says “WOW! Who said That?” and selects the one they think is the cleverest or funniest answer. The player that wrote it must “own up to it” and scores the card played as a victory point. Play continues until one Player has scored five points, then everyone celebrates the winner, has a good laugh and says “WOW! Who said That?”, and starts another fun-filled round.

No. 002 in the KickAss Games Mini Gamers Collection.

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