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Duel - En Guarde!

Swashbuckling Sword Play!
An old fashioned Duel with daring sword play and physical prowess.
All for One and One for All.

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Free UD300! Black and White PDF
Free UD300! Black and White PDF

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Duel En-Guarde!
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Duel En Guarde!



Duel En Guarde!



Swashbuckling  times with fast and exciting Sword play. 


 In the time of the Kings Musketeers and the Cardinals guards Duelling over honour and pride in the local Taverns and swashbuckling adventures on Pirate ships on the high seas, Duelling and flashing sword play was a deadly occurrence in a more romantic time as you play Michael J. Richardson’s Duel - En Guarde! You select either a Tavern  or Ship deck map to skirmish on and show your moves in an action pack Duel. So En Guarde!

 Duelling with your deck to out think and out manoeuvre our opponent as you play with the White Griffins or Black Eagle decks of different Sword Actions and Physical  Moves and Actions. The first to deal eight wounds to your opponent wins the Duel, fame and prestige and influence with the King. So get your set and relive the swashbuckling films of old. One for all and All for One......



  Duel En Guarde!  Tralier -

Duel En-Guarde!


Duel in the romantic era of Musketeers and Pirate Captains in this Swashbuckling adventure game of Duelling opponents.


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