KickAss Games Ultimate Gamers Club!

   Get a new Game sent to you every two months! 


   One small monthly payment  and  get a New Game  
sent to you FREE every 2 Months with a 100% "Happy!"

Guarantee. Keep and Play it for 30 days and if you dont like

it just return it and you don't pay for it! Never waste

your money on a dud, unliked game again. What a deal!


 - Ultimate Gamers Club! - 


So how does it work? And how much does it cost me? 

You pay one small monthly payment of $ 9.99  or an annual subscription and  get a brand New Game  posted to you FREE
in the post every 2 Months with a 100% "Happy!" Guarantee.

Keep and Play it for 30 days and if you realy hate it, just return it

(you only have to pay the return postage), and we credit your account so you have nothing to lose. Never waste your money

on a game you dont' like. New fantastic game in the mail every couple of months waiting for you, its like Christmas never stops!


So sign up  NOW!  What do you have to lose!


 - Awesome Sign up Special! - 
"What special do I get and how do I sign up?" 
* Initial Joining Fee of $24.99 and then $9.99 a month.
(The monthly Fee will be charged to you through PayPal with PayPal or Credit Cards.)

* You get our newest Game - "I'm Spartacus!" 
(An easy Gladiator stlye Game - if you already have this just tell us and we will send you another.)

* Plus - A second game FREE Gift - "Ninja Stars!"  
(A Ninja stlye Game - where you take on an evil Ninja clan, armed only with your throwing Stars! )
* FREE Postage - Mailed to you right to your door - 
(Free postage to your door with a NEW Game at your door coming every two Months)​

* More Games - Every two months a New Game -
( A brand NEW Game pre-release before the shops get it, at your door every two Months)
* No Commitment - Quit any time no time period -
( Quit anytime NO minimum time period, you choose how long you want to continue. )

KickAssGames Ultimate Gamers Club ........... just $24.99

( Includes - membership, 1x "I'm Spartacus!" game and another bonus game 1x "Ninja Stars!" 
plus FREE postage to your door and latest Pre-release copy of a new game every two months
with a $9.99 a monthly fee automatically charged which you can stop at anytime with Guarantee.)

Special! or an Annual Subscription ....... Save money and support us! - $99.99
( Includes -    the next 6x Pre-Release New games sent to your door plus special promotions and gifts.)
That's 6 x Games delivered FREE. One every 2 months to your door with discount savings! Great deal!

6x New pre-release games before they get into the stores so you get them first! Like a Xmas that never ends.

Get your Membership NOW! with  PayPal  100% Safe Guarantee by PayPal transaction.

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