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New super -KickAss Games- Gamers Club!
  The Greatest deal in Gaming ever!!!  


 One small monthly payment  and  get a New Game  
sent to you FREE every Month with a 100% "Happy!"

Guarantee. Keep and Play it for 30 days and if you dont like it just return it and you don't pay for it! Never waste

your money on a dud unliked game again. What a deal!

So what's this all about? What do I get?
How does it work?


KickAss Games has designed a new way to buy Games. How would you like a new Game in your mail box every month for you to try and if you don't like it
you don't PAY. Thats right you try and play it as much as you want and if you
don't like it for any reason you simply return it. It's like Xmas every month.


Sounds great how much does it cost me?

Two payment methods - 

$9.99 a month subscription - (about the same as one cup of coffee per week)

Paid monthly on Paypal automatic subscription system.


$99 12 month subscription - (you recieve at least 6 games, less than $17 each)

all including FREE postage to your door.